Matching Wine With Food

Boiled lobsters dish with bread and slaw

Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is a juicy, fruit forward wine displaying a harmonious blend of citrus and tropical fruits with a long, generous finish. Try it with light hors d'oeuvres and fresh seafood dishes.

Food matches: chicken, seafood, shellfish (especially boiled lobster)

Similar wines: Soave and Sauvignon Blanc

Grilled chicken dish with tomatoes


San Sebastian Winery`s Chardonnay offers a classically smooth and refreshing medium bodied white wine that is intended to pair with chicken, seafood or sharp cheese, or just sipping and relaxing.

Food Matches: Shellfish, seafood, vegetable dishes, chicken (grilled)

Beef steak dish cooked rare

Cabernet Sauvignon

San Sebastian Winery`s Cabernet Sauvignon encompasses a medium bodied finish with rich deep color and a hint of oak and when served with rich marbled meats and Italian dishes this wine pairs perfectly.

Food matches: steaks, seasoned chicken, lamb

Platter of meats, cheeses, and tomatoes


Rich in aroma and fruit flavor, this light, crisp and refreshing wine embodies the radiant hue of a Florida sunset. Rosa is a blend of different muscadine grapes done in a blush style and has 2.5% residual sugar.

Food matches: Ham, finger foods

Similar wines: White Zinfandel, Rosé

Desert crepes with mixed fruit

Blanc De Fleur

A festive, delicate Florida Sparkling Wine produced by the traditional French method, Methode Champenoise, but using native American grapes, the Carlos variety of the muscadine. Rare product made by only one other producer in the U.S.

Food matches: Fresh fruits, chocolate anything, other desserts

Similar wines: Asti Spumante

BBQ ribs

Vintners Red

Ruby hue, berry flavors, light-bodied; sweet rich berry nose reminiscent of the grape. Made from the Noble, a variety of red Muscadine. 5.0% residual sugar; a unique wine rich in Southern tradition

Food Matches: Pasta and red sauce, Barbecue, Pizza, Game

Similar Wines: None

Chicken wings with dipping sauce

Vintners White

Highly flavored, intense, rich flavor; lively fruity aroma, carries over from grape to wine; distinctive and pronounced Muscadine flavor; pale straw color; made from Carlos grape. 3.0% residual sugar. Genuinely a traditional Southern wine.

Food Matches: Fresh fruit, Spicy chicken

Similar Wines: Riesling (Late Harvest)

Desert custard dish

Cream Sherry

Finishing full bodied and sweet, this wine is wonderful for enhancing the flavor of any dessert. The rich dark amber color and nutty flavor add to the excellence of this wine.

Food Matches: Dessert, Add to Soups, And Stews

Similar Wines: Other Cream Sherries

Slice of apple pie with icecream


Exceptionally rich and fruity this wine encompasses flavors of sweet raisins, currants, cherries, and spice combining to make a perfect orchestration for a dessert wine. Traditional aging in oak barrels adds to the character and flavor of this exceptional Port.

Food Matches: Dessert, Especially over or with Ice Cream

Similar Wines: Ruby Ports